NSA Highlights Papers by MC2 Researchers

Published August 7, 2014

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Professor Michael Hicks

The Research Directorate of the National Security Agency (NSA) recently named a paper by MC2 Professors Michael Hicks (pictured) and Elaine Shi, and their graduate student Chang Liu, as the winner of the NSA's second annual "Best Scientific Cybersecurity Paper" Competition. This competition was established last year to recognize security papers that "best reflect the conduct of good science" in the field of cybersecurity.

Their paper, titled “Memory Trace Oblivious Program Execution,” was presented at the 2013 IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium. The panel of judges, which included distinguished experts from industry, government, and academia, highlighted the fact that their work "builds a bridge between cryptographic research and information flow research" and "establishes a scientific foundation for the use of oblivious RAM."

Prof. Hicks, Prof. Shi, and Mr. Liu will be honored on September 18, 2014 at an award ceremony, hosted by the NSA’s Director of Research, where their paper will be presented before an audience of cybersecurity experts.

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