MC2 Travel Awards

The goal of travel awards are to recognize MC2 students and postdocs for their excellence and support travel that might not otherwise be funded. Selected students or postdocs can receive up to $5K for documented expenses for travel to an academic conference, workshop, or other research event focused on cybersecurity or privacy.  There are two rounds of applications annually, with deadlines of September 30 and March 31.

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MC2 Seed Funding

The goal of this award is to support MC2 students and postdocs pursuing new research in security or privacy that has not yet been externally funded. Selected applicants can receive up to $5K for documented expenses associated with conducting research, including but not limited to purchasing new equipment or cloud computing resources, compensating study participants, or purchasing other materials or supplies specific to the proposed research. Applications are reviewed three times a year, with deadlines of January 31, May 31, and August 31.

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