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Families Create Powerful Passwords at Maryland Day 2014


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Families Create Powerful Passwords at Maryland Day 2014

The Maryland Cybersecurity Center (MC2) and the Division of Information Technology (IT) joined forces for Maryland Day, Saturday April 26, 2014, to teach visiting families about the importance of powerful passwords and internet safety. The activity was run by volunteers from the Maryland Cybersecurity Center, Division of IT, and the ACES Honors Program. The station, titled "Powerful Passwords", was part of the Division of Information Technology's presence on the Mitchell Fields.

Through a hands-on, kid-friendly activity, families were taught password dos and don’ts and learned how to apply the elements of length, complexity, variation, and variety in designing a powerful password. With the best approaches in mind and colorful magnetic letters, numbers, and symbols in hand, families worked together to design passwords that will keep their online transactions secure. Participants took away a fun beach ball as a reminder of Internet safety as well as a plan for their next password change. Families were also provided with literature about password and internet safety, as well as information about the cybersecurity education programs offered through the Maryland Cybersecurity Center.

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April 29, 2014

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