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UMD Team to Receive Distinguished Paper Award at POPL 2021

Their paper presents the first fully verified optimizer for quantum circuits.   More»

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Van Horn to Present Paper on Guaranteeing Security and Efficiency in Gradually Typed Programs

He is presenting next month at the 48th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages.   More»

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MC2 Doctoral Student Takes on the Steep Challenge of Developing Secure Software

Kelsey Fulton, an avid rock climber, puts discipline and determination into her research.   More»

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New MC2 Postdoctoral Fellow Brings Expertise in Cryptography to UMD Campus

Cong Zhang is the inaugural recipient of the MC2 fellowship.   More»

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Van Horn Wins Most Influential Paper Award at ICFP 2020

The paper is being recognized as having had significant influence in the field of programming languages.   More»


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