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Cybersecurity Club Teams Qualify for Finals of MDC3 Competition!


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Cybersecurity Club Teams Qualify for Finals of MDC3 Competition!


Two teams from the University of Maryland’s Cybersecurity Club have qualified for the final round of the Maryland Cyber Challenge and Conference (MDC3). Cyber Security Team 1 and Cyber Security Team A will represent UMD in the competition.

There were two qualifier rounds.  The first round required the teams to secure a vulnerable system against attack while maintaining the services that the system was providing. The second round of the competition required teams to complete a number of forensics-based challenges involving decoding or decrypting encoded information and piecing together files that were scrambled or split up.

The two UMD teams placed among the top eight competitors within the college flight. They will compete in the MDC3 finals at the Baltimore Convention Center on October 17, 2012, where each first-place team member will receive a $5,000 prize, and each member of the second-place teams will receive a $2,000 prize.

October 11, 2012

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