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Throughout the year, MC2 hosts a number of events of broad interest. These include our annual cybersecurity symposium, regular seminars, summer schools, and outreach events for high-school and middle-school students interested in learning more about cybersecurity.  Please check the website frequently for the latest information about each of our exciting events.

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Google Cybersecurity Seminar: Ari Schwartz, NIST, "Future of Online Identity"
Thursday, June 16, 2011
4:30 p.m.
Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building, Rm. 1110
For More Information:
Ted Knight
301 405 3596

"The Future of Online Identity"

Ari Schwartz
Senior Internet Policy Advisor, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Information Technology Laboratory

Registration is required:


Earlier this year, President Obama signed a strategy to create a private sector marketplace for online identity. Schwartz, one of the leaders in creating and implementing the strategy, will present the President's vision and the Department of Commerce's plan to implement what government and private sector leaders are saying will lead to a next generation of a trusted identity environment where individuals, companies and organizations can operate with trust and confidence.


Ari Schwartz serves as Senior Internet Policy Advisor for the NIST Information Technology Laboratory. He represents NIST on the Department of Commerce Internet Policy Task Force, providing input on areas such as cybersecurity, privacy, and identity management. He also works with NIST Director Patrick Gallagher on IT-related standards issues. Schwartz came to NIST in August 2010 after serving almost 13 years as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Center for Democracy and Technology. Schwartz's work there focused on increasing individual control over personal and public information. He also worked to improve privacy protections in the digital age and expand access to government via the Internet. While at CDT, Schwartz regularly testified before Congress and Executive Branch Agencies on these issues. He also led the Anti-Spyware Coalition (ASC), anti-spyware software companies, academic, and public interest groups dedicated to defeating spyware. In 2006, he won the RSA Award for Excellence in Public Policy for his work building the ASC and other efforts against spyware. HE was also named one of the top 5 influential IT security thinkers of 2007 by Secure Computing Magazine.

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