Cybersecurity Symposium

Second Annual Maryland Cybersecurity Center Symposium, May 14-15, 2013

Location: The Riggs Alumni Center. Parking in lot 1B, next to Riggs, is free
(despite posted signs) since it's finals week.

Drawing on regional experts of national and international acclaim, MC2’s second Annual Cybersecurity Symposium will showcase the latest research, trends, and topics in cybersecurity, including:

The MC2 Symposium program will broaden your knowledge, skillset, and awareness of cybersecurity problems and directions, and the event is sure to present unique opportunities to connect with colleagues across academia, industry, and the state and federal government.

2013 Symposium Schedule

May 14 (Day 1) Event Speaker Title
8:15 am Registration and Breakfast    
9:00 am Welcome Mike Hicks  
9:15 am Introductory Remarks Dean Jayanth Banavar  
9:30 am Keynote Fred Schneider Doctrine for Cybersecurity
Sponsored by Intelligent Automation Inc.
10:30 am Break    
11:00 am Technical Talks Jen Golbeck Trust and Privacy in Social Media
    Jonathan Katz Ever More Efficient Protocols for Secure Computation
    Jeff Foster Enhancing Security and Privacy on Android
    Min Wu Exploring the Invisibles for Information Forensics
12:30 pm Lunch    
1:45 pm Keynote Kathleen Fisher High Assurance Cyber Military Systems (HACMS)
2:45 pm Break    
3:00 pm Tutorials (choose one) Ian Blumenfeld An Introduction to Boolean Satisfiability
    Andrew Ruef Programming Analyses with LLVM
5:00 pm Adjourn Day 1    


May 15 (Day 2) Event Speaker Title
8:45 am Registration and Breakfast    
9:10 am Introductory Remarks Mike Hicks  
9:15 am Keynote Randy Sabett Electronic Countermeasures - The Controversy Over Active Cyber Defense
10:15 am Break    
10:30 am Technical Talks Mike Hicks Kitsune: Efficient, General-purpose Dynamic Software Updating for C
    Rob Maxwell Using Students to Pen Test Your Network (for credit)
    Sandy Boyson Supply Chain Risk Management: The New Frontier in Cybersecurity
    Dave Levin Proving the Impossible with Alibi Protocols
12:00 pm Lunch    
1:15 pm Keynote Steve Bellovin The PKI Challenge
2:15 pm Break    
2:30 pm Tutorials Elaine Shi Cryptographic Techniques for Securely Outsourcing Storage and Computation
    Mike Hicks Using Symbolic Execution to Find Software Vulnerabilities
4:45 pm Adjourn Symposium    


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