Undergraduate Students

Activities in cybersecurity for undergraduate students include:

ACES Honors Program

ACES is a two year, optional four year, honors program for undergraduate students at the University of Maryland. The ACES program emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to cybersecurity education, offering academic, research, and networking opportunities that train students to be future leaders in the field. Learn more here

Cybersecurity Club

In this student-run organization, undergraduates have the opportunity to pursue their passion for cybersecurity through competitions, tech-talks, and periodic meetings to spread awareness and interest in the field. Learn more here.

Departmental Specializations in Cybersecurity

Within the Computer Science and Computer Engineering majors, undergraduates have the option to pursue a specialized track in cybersecurity, providing the theoretical and technical foundations necessary to succeed in the field after graduation. Track requirements can be found here.

Learn more about the cybersecurity courses offered by the University of Maryland. See the list here.

START Cyber Security Fellows Program (CySeF)

START's Cyber Security Fellows Program (CySeF), is a comprehensive, one-year program designed for three undergraduate students at the University of Maryland. Students will enter the program at the beginning of their junior or senior years, and their program experiences are aimed to transition students from their undergraduate experiences to professional positions in the homeland security science and technology arena. Learn more here.



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