Director's Message

Cybersecurity is a topic on our collective mind.  If you are a computer user, you must (or should) run anti-virus software, keep your software updated, keep vigilant, avoiding phishing e-mail, malicious web sites, and vulnerable networks. If you are a system owner, you must do the same at an enterprise scale, further contemplating the proper deployment of firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other defenses. As a nation, we suffer collectively when service providers fail to secure their infrastructure; this observation elevates fears of a loss of power, communications, or transportation. All of these defensive activities surely exact a high cost on businesses and society, and they will not simply disappear.

The Maryland Cybersecurity Center (MC2) was formed to perform innovative research to address the growing cybersecurity problem. As a joint venture between two colleges—the A.James Clark School of Engineering and the College of Computational, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences—MC2  is led by technical experts in disciplines including Computer Science and Computer Engineering. However, our uniqueness comes from the significant involvement of faculty outside these colleges, including experts in business and economics, public policy, criminology, and information studies. The interdisciplinary nature of MC2 creates an exceptional opportunity to explore both technical and non-technical approaches to improving the security of computer systems. Added to this foundation is the fact that MC2 faculty have access to experts in industry and government in the region—MC2 currently has more than a dozen corporate partners and significant connections to DHS, NSA, DARPA, NIST, and other State and Federal agencies—the opportunity for impact is even greater.

As the Director of MC2, it is my privilege and pleasure to lead this exceptional group of people toward the laudable goal of making cyberspace more secure. As you explore the MC2 site, I’m confident you will be impressed by the breadth and depth of our efforts here at MC2.

Charalampos Papamanthou
Director, MC2

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