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Baras, John

John Baras
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Institute for Systems Research
2247 AV Williams Building

Primary Areas 

Network security; security and information assurance in wireless networks; key generation and management for group communications


More Research Interests:

Trust dynamics and management; trust and social networks over the web, high integrity recommendation and reputation systems; security metrics; mathematical modeling of multiple security and other performance metrics in networks; physical layer security including trusted computing and signal processing techniques; tradeoff analysis between energy efficiency, security and network performance; biometrics and security; physically unclonable functions; distributed detection and classification of network intrusions and attacks; game theoretic methods for security; network tomography for attack and vulnerability discovery and isolation; quantum information and security systems; formal models and the science of cybersecurity; design and management of sniffers and sensor networks for monitoring assurance; composite trust in human-machine networks; network resilience by design; smart grid security and information assurance; malware detection; virus dynamics and defense against them.

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